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LAPWARE is the most complete license advancement program for studying, preparing and testing for the United States Coast Guard (USCG) credential exam questions. LAPWARE was developed by Richard M. Plant and Captain Joseph S. Murphy, II.
  1. The files on this server are 100% Windows based encrypted files and eBooks.
  2. To view ANY of these files you must download and install the "FREE" Copy Safe PDF Reader that protects encrypted documents and eBooks from being copying, printed, screen captured or distributed thus protecting the author’s work. Any files can be viewed from cache but it is recommended that they be SAVED AS and stored in a folder on your computer for faster viewing.
  3. For other than SAMPLE EXCERPT files, Internet Access is required to verify authorization of the user being allowed to view the file. The file is linked to your Computer ID so that distribution to another computer is not permitted and the file cannot be viewed. However full versions of most eBooks can be purchased for offline use using our new APM solution.
  4. New users do have free access to the SAMPLE EXCERPT folder to download excerpt files of eBooks being sold but the CopySafe PDF Reader must be downloaded and installed in order to view the files. This will aid the user in learning how the "FREE" PDF reader works prior to purchasing any eBooks. Since the files are encrypted for protection purposes no other PDF reader can view these files.
  5. These Study Aids are initially aimed at Merchant Mariners in the United States who are sitting for their U.S. Coast Guard credential exam. Other mariners around the world might find them beneficial as well. Presently we have Stability, Rules of the Road in two versions. We do plan on developing other eBooks such as Engineering license exams questions and illustration books as well as copies of the Code of Federal Regulations (33, 46 and 49 CFRs) which will have to be generated yearly based upon regulatory changes. Other study aids will also be developed based upon user feedback and the need as determined.
  6. Access to LAPWARE for Deck mariners is found at Access to LAPWARE for Engine mariners is found at Lapware stands for License Advancement Program software and is presently used by all U.S. State and Federal maritime academies, most maritime labor training facilities, other smaller schools and community colleges and by hundreds of individual mariners yearly. LAPWARE is based upon the latest USCG NMC question database. The addition of this server is simply a means of allowing the provision of additional manuals for study for the credential exam or practical usage while at sea.
  7. The CopySafe PDF Reader has been found to be the most secure means of protecting files from copying, screen capturing, printing and distribution.

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